Friday, April 25, 2008

Steve Forbes and Pepperdine

Our final speaker this year involving our "American Studies Institute" program was Steve Forbes. My expectations weren't all that high, but I have to say I was very impressed with what he had to say. No, he's not the most charismatic speaker I have ever heard, but he's very easy to listen to. I am no economist, but I like it when people talk to you in a simple, personal, down to earth way. Forbes does that. I know he is a zillionaire........but he comes across as a guy you would have a conversation with in the barber shop. I like the guy. Some of you might find it shocking that he had some negative things to say about President Bush's policies, and he praised some of Bill Clinton's economic policies! He also had NOTHING positive to say about our present Internal Revenue Service or the current tax codes.
As you probably know, he's a "flat tax" guy......and he sold me on it in about 5 minutes last night. Kudos to the ASI folks for bringing in Forbes. Someday maybe I will be able to afford to subscribe to his magazine!


It's that time of year again........Pepperdine Bible Lectures. It's been a blessing to me for several years now, and I am sure it will be again! Harding is well represented amongst the Key-note speakers, as Don McLaughlin, Randy Harris, and Gary Selby are all doing presentations. There are only 7 total key-notes, so I think that is pretty telling. Out of the 4 or 5 thousand people there, we will have several hundred there with Harding connections, and most of them will show up for our HU Reception on Thursday evening. If you are attending for the first time, join us in the Hahn Fireside room after Gary Selby's key-note! You'll love reconnecting with old friends and classmates, and the pie ain't too bad either.
See you there!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Book Review

I just wanted to share with you some books that I have read within the last few months. Please share with me any that you might want to suggest for me to read. I like to keep 2 or 3 in the wings.

A) "The Shack" by William P Young: This book was all the rage when I got it a month or so back. I am not a big fan of fiction spiritual books, but enough people that I respect had told me about it that I decided to go ahead and read it. I'm glad that I did! I sure appreciate Young's perspective of God, Christ, and the Spirit. I won't give the book away, but it's for sure a tear jerker. If you are a fan of spiritual fiction books, then I for sure recommend this one. For what it's worth, it's not a long book to read.

B) "Jesus For President" by Shane Claiborne: I can't envision a more appropriate book (outside of the Bible of course) considering we are in the throws of a Presidential race. VERY VERY timely book. I appreciate Shane's heart SO SO very much. He's an inspiration to me, and I know many of you also. I very much consider him a modern day prophet. I already felt that way, but hearing him in person sealed the deal for me. I don't agree with all of his perspectives in this book, and that is ok. I for SURE agree with most of them. I question a few of the stats he gives concerning the war in Iraq, but those can be verified......and I plan to try and do that. Still, I think EVERY Christian should read "Jesus For President" during this election season.

C) "Pagan Christianity" by George Barna and Frank Viola: I had not read a Viola book before this, but Barna impacted me so much with "Revolution" that I will always try to read ANY book he is involved with. Ok, this book should be required reading for............EVERY Christian!! Instead, it will probably be banned by a lot of the institutional religious folks. This is one of those "I am going to have to read this a second time just to make sure I get what they are saying" kind of books. Most people don't like hearing facts that point out that a lot of their practices are closer tied to paganism than the Bible and early Christianity. Yeah....tough stuff to read, and even more to accept. One thing I like is that at the end of every chapter they answer some really pointed, specific, hard questions. Get this book!

Isn't reading great? Movies are wonderful, but they just can't do what books can.
I saw "the Kite Runner" this weekend, and it was a SUPER movie........but it just can't measure up to the book. That's my opinion, anyway.

God is seen very vividly this time of year on our campus! The Dogwoods and Azaleas are almost indescribable. What a blessing.

Thank you Father, for letting us see a small glimpse of your beauty!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol Gives Back

I am sure some other bloggers will post this in a more accessible form, but I am not enough of a tech person to do that.......sorry.

Anyway, I think it's WONDERFUL when the #1 rated show in America ends it's two and a half hour focus on helping others in this way. What a POWERFUL WITNESS to Jesus Christ!

Praise God!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Thank You To My Blogging Family

I am here in Florence celebrating dad's 80th birthday, and you should see ALL the Birthday cards!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELEIVABLE!!! I won't single you out individually, but just know that I am very humbled by your Christ-like spirit to take the time to send dad a card. You made this birthday one that he will NEVER forget! Thanks SO MUCH to all of you! He must have over a 100 cards, and a BUNCH of those are from my blogging family........even some of you whom I have never met or spoken to in MY LIFE! I'm indebted to you all...........and I'm honored to call you my brothers and sisters. I love you all!