Monday, June 28, 2010


It's been a LONG time since my last post.....gracious. But a whole lot has happened this past 6 months. The biggest thing that has happened in my life is that I lost my dad in February. He had been in bed for several years, but we found out in December that he had pancreatic cancer. We feel blessed that he is with the Father, and that he didn't suffer for a great deal of time. I still miss him EVERY day.

Matt and Liz moved to Jackson, TN. Matt is now the head football coach at Jackson Christian. Luke and Juliana are still in Little Rock. Don't ask me about grandchildren! :) Matt and Liz DO have a new little puppy! Cotton is her name.

Jan's dad, Virgil Lawyer, is not in good health. We are concerned for him, so please keep him in your prayers. Jan's mom seems to be doing really well.

My good friend Craig Jones got married yesterday! He and Carol had been dating for several years now, and I am SO happy for the two of them. They both have been an inspiration to me because of their great faith. CONGRATS CRAIG AND CAROL!!

Things at Downtown are good, and I love my church family. Things at Harding are good also, and we are looking forward to another school year starting in a little over a month. Summer sure flies by, huh?

Oh yeah.......Alabama won another National Championship in January. I was so glad Dad lived long enough to see them win another one. I'm ready for the season to start again!

I still read Patrick, Mike and Keith Brenton every week. I tend to spend more time looking at Facebook than I do looking at blogs. Has the blogging era passed already?

Have a great summer! DU